Cold Sparkler Rental Springs Wallisville Tx

Cold Sparkler Rental

Cold Sparkler Rentals is a service where we place two or more electronic machines on the ground near the dance floor or by the venue’s Main Entrance. When the bride and groom enter the venue, the sparks are set off remotely. Cold Sparklers may also be used for the Bride and Groom’s First Dance as husband and wife. We rent our cold sparklers all over Houston Texas and visit all surrounding areas up to 50 miles away from Downtown Houston.


Houston Cold Sparkler Rentals

Houston Cold Sparklers is a new service. Recently launched and already gaining popularity across the city of Houston. We rent these machines virtually every weekend and a lot of the time during the week!

Rely on the experts at DJ in Houston for exceptional Cold Sparks every time. We know Cold Sparkler Rentals and it shows! Get a free estimate for a Cold Sparkler Wedding Rental today!

Cold Sparkler Machines Rentals in Houston

Our Cold Sparkler Machines are some of the most reliable and sought-after in the Houston area.

Cold Sparklers in Northwest Houston at La Fontaine on W Little York

What a great idea for indoor wedding ceremonies, place your cold sparklers at the end of the aisle, so that when you walk out as husband and wife, all your guests will have a great view of the cold sparklers going off.

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